new charter

years 1-5


years 16+


years 6-10

New charter schools who do not meet the Board's academic performance expectations in both years 1 & 2.

Recognized alternative schools

charter schools who received a contract renewal but did not meet the board's academic performance requirements.

Recognized alternative schools

charter schools in years 

11 & 12 who have a REQUIRED school improvement plan  and/or demonstration of sufficient progress (DSP) report.

Recognized alternative schools

Academic Performance Improvement Program

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charter schools in years 6 & 7 who have a required school improvement plan and/or demonstration of sufficient progress (DSP) report.

Recognized alternative schools


years 11-15

What is the Academic Performance Improvement Plan (APIP)?

Charter schools sponsored by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS) have the autonomy to select and implement instructional programs that align with their philosophical and methodological ideology and operational structure consistent with state and federal law and the charter contract. The purpose of the ASBCS Academic Performance Framework is to communicate the Board’s academic expectations for ensuring that all charter holders are providing a learning environment where measurable improvement in pupil achievement can be demonstrated. The academic framework focuses purposefully on quantitative academic outcomes as a basis for analysis to be used in high-stakes decisions.

A school’s academic performance is the most important factor when the Board considers issuing a contract renewal. Schools that do not meet the Board’s academic expectations and cannot demonstrate sufficient progress toward meeting these expectations may be denied a renewal. Unfortunately, identifying areas for improvement the year before renewal is simply too late. In order to demonstrate measurable academic growth, a school must have a minimum of 2-3 years of academic data and be able to “look-back” 4-5 years at academic data before the improvement measures where implemented.

Over the past few years, several charter holders have had their renewal applications denied because they simply could not demonstrate their improvement strategies where successful. EdVantage Partners’ Academic Performance Improvement Plan (APIP) was developed in direct response to charter holder’s seeking assistance and guidance through the renewal and School Improvement process. At a minimum, charter holders not meeting the Board’s academic performance expectations on an annual basis, should begin the APIP process no fewer than three (3) years before their application renewal date. Post-renewal charter holders who are not meeting the Board’s academic performance expectations should initiate the APIP program immediately.

Who should consider the Academic Performance Improvement program? There are four (4) categories of charter schools that should consider implementing an APIP program: