client testimonials

Benchmark Elementary and Preschool

On behalf of Benchmark Charter School we want to thank you for the outstanding services your company, EdVantage Partners, provide us. We feel fortunate to have such caring and dedicated professionals helping us navigate the business management of the school. We have developed a sound, cooperative working relationship over the past eight years and consider your efficient, helpful staff essential to the operation of our school.

Recently we began having problems with our student data reconciliation. EdVantage's team made us aware of the issues. Nancy Sexton stepped in to provide a resolution to the problems and helped us set up the paper trail to prevent any reoccurrence. Nancy’s sense of humor, extensive knowledge and organizational skills have reduced the stress and resolved some major issues.

Danielle Johnston is always available and goes above and beyond in assisting us with our daily payroll issues. She continues to provide our staff with information that helps them make appropriate decisions concerning their individual financial needs. She is efficient, trustworthy and is essential to the operation of our human resource department.

We are indeed fortunate to have the expertise of EdVantage Partners to continue to be a successful charter school.

​Carole Challoner, Principal
Benchmark Elementary and Preschool
Phoenix, Arizona

Bright Beginnings School

EdVantage Partners does a great job with all of my financial needs. They handle my payroll, manage my accounts and perform all of my budget and financial reporting. They are responsive to all my requests and are able to guide me through any financial questions that arise. They have been immensely supportive of me during my first year as a charter school owner and a huge help during my first audit. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always available to address any questions. I highly recommend EdVantage Partners to anyone needing financial services!

Peggy French, Business Manager
Bright Beginnings School
Chandler, Arizona

Challenger Basic School

Challenger Basic School has had a great relationship with EdVantage Partners for the past six years. Their entire staff has been wonderful to work with. Their business services have been excellent and helpful with anything that ever comes up in the course of a school year. We always receive our payroll and any or all other records in a timely fashion. We have very successful annual audits because of their financial team’s help.

EdVantage Partners helped us with the purchase of our school site a few years ago and did it in record time. They have the capacity to complete or even avoid the bureaucratic red tape that comes with most large scale loans. They are able to do this because of their unique investor relationships. Challenger is now doing some new construction improvements to the school, and we are using EdVantage Partners again on the refinancing.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend schools to use the excellent services of EdVantage Partners. They have truly been and continue to be a very helpful partner to Challenger Basic School.

Again, I would recommend their firm to any school.

Brad Tobin, Director
Challenger Basic School
Gilbert, Arizona


How can I express my gratitude for having EdVantage Partners as my contracted SAIS provider? It’s hard to put into words... I personally processed the attendance SAIS data for my district the first 3-4 years and personally know the diligence and attention to detail the job involves. As the business manager, I also understand that any errors, however minor, in ADM reporting can cost a district thousands.

I never thought I would have the confidence in anyone else to take over this arduous and delicate process. But when I heard Karen Scott would be the person in charge of my SAIS processes, I knew I couldn’t have found anyone better! I knew she had a thorough working knowledge of SAIS and especially JTED reporting. Because we are a JTED, the collection of this data requires her to have a good working relationship with the attendance registrars at each of my 5 districts, which she has (believe me, this is not always an easy job)! Karen is very personable and extremely detail-oriented. She is extremely responsive to our district’s needs, and I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job. I have utmost confidence in her that she cares for our SAIS needs and district dollars as much as I do!

I congratulate you for having someone like Karen on your staff! It’s a pleasure to work with her and the other staff members at EdVantage Partners.

Christina Russell, Business Manager
Page, Arizona