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We work with you based on your needs and your current staff capabilities. We can be all or part of your business office.

  • Process your payroll, generate paychecks, file Federal and state tax reports and annual W-2 forms.
  • Prepare purchase orders, pay vendor invoices and prepare your annual 1099 forms.
  • Prepare budgets and monthly financial statements and provide periodic review of performance against budget, compliance and due dates.
  • Create and review your cash flow statements.

We offer a full range of business services, from simply acting as your financial advisor to paying bills and financial compliance reporting. We can process payroll and payables, prepare budgets and monthly financial statements, create cash flow statements and maintain all your financial information on our secure system.

As a public charter school, we understand that you have choices. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be innovative, cost-effective, and to maximize your public funds that reach the classroom directly. Recently, more and more innovative and business savvy charter operators have realized that outsourcing some basic operational functions is more financially beneficial than hiring additional personnel. Most importantly, contracting certain professional services allows the school’s leadership team more time to spend with faculty, parents, and students. The business of education has never been more complex.  Assisting schools on the "business side" is how we began over fifteen years ago.  Today we offer a full range of business services from simply acting as your financial advisor to paying bills and financial compliance reporting.

We can build a customized business services plan to meet your organization’s unique needs:


Your charter school’s academic and operational performance is the most important factor when the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools considers issuing a contract renewal. Schools that do not meet the Board’s academic and operational expectations and cannot demonstrate sufficient progress toward meeting these expectations may be denied a renewal.

Unfortunately, identifying areas for improvement the year before renewal is simply too late. In order to demonstrate measurable academic growth, a school must have a minimum of 2-3 years of academic data and be able to “look-back” 4-5 years at data before the improvement measures where implemented.

Over the past few years, several charter holders have had their renewal applications denied because they simply could not demonstrate their improvement strategies where successful. Furthermore, operational accountability is more important than ever before.

EdVantage Partners’ Academic & Operational Performance Improvement Plan (AOPIP) was developed in direct response to charter holder’s seeking assistance and guidance through the renewal and school improvement and accountability processes.

Student Data Management (AZeds)

Schools often lose or delay State Aid payments by uploading incomplete student information. We can help your current system run more smoothly or basically handle the process for you.

We submit, verify and reconcile all student data, including special population designations, enrollment, attendance, special education and English Language Learners (ELL) at least every 20 days or as needed.

We submit to and follow all data through in the State system to assure timely and accurate payment. We also interface with most commonly used student data management systems. This means you won't have to buy and learn new software to work with us.

We offer a complete range of service options designed to take the stress out of managing a school. Tell us what you need and we'll design a suite of services that fits.