Grant is the Accounts Payable Manager for EdVantage Partners and handles all aspects of accounts payable.

grant porter

Accounts Payable Manager

Curt is President and a Senior Partner of EdVantage Partners. He has extensive experience in the areas of commercial lending, charter and district school business management and tax exempt financing.

Curt has also served as a bank branch manager as well as a commercial loan officer,

In addition, he has more than twenty years of experience in the area of school business management. Prior to joining the firm, Curt was Director of Finance for the third largest school district in Arizona.

Curt holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Finance from Northern Arizona University.


Senior Partner & Consultant


Accounting Manager


Payroll Manager



AZEDS reporting

& school improvement

school finance, accounting & payroll


We are uniquely qualified and understand the day-to-day needs of operating a successful public educational organization. Our team has the depth and breadth of experience unmatched by any other firm.

The team of highly qualified professionals at EdVantage Partners has extensive experience in all forms of public school finance, accounting, budgeting, grants management, accountability, data reporting, curriculum and assessment development, and customized school improvement programs. Our team members have sat where you sit today. We are directors, principals and among the first charter school operators in the charter school movement since 1995. We have made payroll, paid the bills, done financial forecasts, stuck to budgets, applied for and complied with grants, built special education programs and brought high quality professional development programs to staff.

Operating a highly successful academic program and a fiscally sound business requires a partner who understands the complexities of public charter school finance, state and federal compliance and reporting regulations, and the hands-on experience of working with administrators and teachers to develop highly effective and purposeful school improvement programs.

EdVantage Partners will provide you with the highest quality business, finance and educational services that are affordable and scalable so you can focus on your top priority - educating your students.

why choose us?

EdVantage Partners offers a unique combination of experience in both the business and educational areas of operating public and charter schools. We can custom-design a suite of services to meet your specific needs--and change as your needs change.

We offer a complete range of service options designed to take the stress out of managing a school. Tell us what you need and we will design a suite of services that fits.

Our suite of business services and educational consulting options include:

EdVantage Partners provides the highest quality business, finance and educational services to public charter and district schools.

a few words about us

Nancy Sexton

AzEDS Specialist

Nancy is a School Data & AzEDS Specialist at EdVantage Partners and works with all state approved student management systems to ensure the clients receive maximum funding while staying in compliance with all Arizona Department of Education regulations.

Nancy has an extensive background in both business and education. She served fourteen years in the public business sector and eleven years as a public school librarian.

Karen serves as EdVantage Partners' School Data & AzEDS Specialist. She accommodates Joint Technology Education Districts (JTEDs) and works primarily with public charter schools throughout Arizona.

Karen has years of experience in the public school arena and worked four years as a Student Management System consultant and trainer for Olympia Computing's (now Tyler Technologies) SchoolMaster program.

Joseph serves EdVantage Partners as Senior Accountant, handling the business needs of a select group of charter school clients. He has over fifteen years of accounting experience, encompassing all facets of accounting, and he has a thorough understanding of public school finance.

Joseph served in various accounting roles for a Phoenix high school district for thirteen years - most recently as a Senior Finance Accountant. He also served as an accountant for the nation's largest truckload carrier fleet company, where he assumed full responsibility for the Purchasing Card Department.

Joseph earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Arizona State University in 2002 and is a Certified Public Accountant candidate.

Richard serves as a Senior Partner and Educational Consultant. He is a veteran public high school teacher, administrator, curriculum director, has co-founded four Arizona charter schools and has assisted other non-profit school developers nationwide.

Richard has extensive experience in the development and implementation of start-up charter school operations including instructional programs, curriculum alignment to state standards, assessment development, school governance and leadership, state and federal program compliance, finance and budgeting, and personnel development.

Richard holds a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education from Northern Arizona University and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership fro Northcentral University.

Ellen holds the Controller position at EdVantage Partners. Prior to joining the firm, she served as Operations Manager of a community bank in Massachusetts and later moved to Arizona where she worked in the accounting department of a local holding company.

Ellen oversees all of EdVantage Partners' accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, gerneral ledger, financials, management reports, and payroll.

Karen Scott

AzEDS Specialist

Danielle is the Payroll Manager for EdVantage Partners and handles all aspects of client payroll services from deductions and direct deposits to taxes and quarterly filings. She has more than fifteen years of accounting experience and, prior to joining the firm, worked as Financial Assistant & Payroll Administrator for an Arizona charter school.

Danielle also served six years as the Business Manager of a local private institution.

Curtis porter

Senior Partner & President

  • Business & Financial Management
  • SAIS/Student Information Reporting
  • Performance Management Planning
  • Demonstration of Sufficient Progress
  • Charter Renewal Planning
  • School Improvement Programs
  • School Leadership Development

Ellen Everett